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Meet #SoDakSHRM19 Keynote Speaker Jennifer McClure

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

I was so excited when I saw that the Aberdeen SHRM group had secured Jennifer McClure as a keynote speaker for the SoDakSHRM conference! Jennifer is one of those speakers that I could listen to over and over again – and apparently write about as she’s come up in many of my blog posts! I know I’ve got lots of opportunities to see her this year as she’ll also be at #HRRedefined19, #SHRM19 and, fingers crossed, we’ll get her at #DisruptHRBrookings [want to help? Ask me about being a speaker sponsor!]

One of the best things about Jennifer is her willingness to give time to the conferences, not just during the conference, but before & after. She loves to connect with attendees online and in person, and if you get her a Diet Coke, you may just have her attention a bit longer!

In my conversation with her, we talk about SoDak SHRM, her past visits to South Dakota, her tips for speaker prep [great tips here if you are looking to do more speaking gigs, training or just get confident in sharing information!] and for business travel [hint it doesn’t involve packing].

I know you will love Jennifer as much as I do. I hope you enjoy my conversation with her. And if you can’t attend, be sure to follow #SoDakSHRM19 on social media!

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