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SHRM Volunteer Leader Summit Update

Once again, we had great representation from South Dakota at the annual SHRM VLS. I asked attendees to share their experience with our membership:

Laurie Gates, Watertown:

This wasn't my first trip to the VLS, but for me it was one of the best. All of the speakers were fantastic, and I enjoyed the Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill (even though we had to walk through the sleet to get there). Here are my top 2 take-aways:

  • We were asked to visit with the offices of Senators Rounds and Thune and Representative Noem on the proposals on employer-provided education assistance and workforce flexibility. SHRM sent a couple of lobbyists with us to our visit on Capitol Hill. Not only did they help us find their offices (which was challenging enough), they did an excellent job of explaining the proposals to Congress. More than ever, I now understand how SHRM is working hard to promote the best interests of employees and employers. It's something we hear about but it was great to experience it in action.

  • Chapter Management. There's always great speakers at the Summit and you gain a lot of tips on managing your chapter better and leave feeling energized from the messages of the motivational speakers. But probably my biggest take aways come from the chapter meetings. They offer break-out sessions by chapter size, so I was able to meet with other small chapters and share tips on best practices for recruiting members, board members, reaching out to members at large and successful media engagement. I took a lot of notes and will be sharing them with the board the next time we meet! A few ideas:

  1. Hold a "C-Suite" event targeted at recruiting senior level HR pros

  2. Hold a "bring a potential member" event

  3. Hold Mix & Mingle events

  4. Make personal calls

  5. Do a survey

  6. Have a buddy/mentor for new members

  7. Introduce new members at programs

  8. Have year planned out and published

  9. Recruit at job fairs

  10. Have a chapter business card with offer for free program on one side and a contact person(s)

  11. Have a membership booth at the state conference with information about each local chapter.

  12. have conference name tags indicate if you are a chapter member

  13. Get programs sent out by the Chamber

  14. Use public access and radio for sharing program information

Board recruitment Ideas

  1. Free membership

  2. Free registration to attend state conference for president and president elect

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