• Wendy Dailey

#SoDakSHRM18 Day 3

Our final day at SoDak SHRM kicked off with some gigantic caramel roles and yummy fruit!

We had a great attorney panel after breakfast to update us on the ever changing world of employment law, including the FMLA-ADA-Worker's Comp triangle, how & when to get additional medical information, applications, reasonable cause drug testing and sexual harassment.

I spent the final break-out session learning about bullying in the work place, with attorney Dave Kroon. The law around bullying is changing as attorneys are finding ways to apply different laws to the situation. Some attorneys have found ways to use simple assault or disorderly conduct and if the person complaining about bullying is fired, many have used retaliation. It is also a good policy to investigate every complaint as there is a chance that there may be discrimination or retaliation. It is always a good idea to ensure all supervisors are following your policy and all issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

Our conference ended with a final keynote with Mark Matteson, who encouraged us to have at least one take away, which I think is a great way to end this post:

*Power of Positive Thinking

*Get a mentor

*Play & Laugh

*Make Excellent your Average

*Make the rest of your life, the rest of your life

*Why not you?

*Eat the frog first

*First things first, one thing at a time & finish what you start

And finally, I want to recognize the Social Media team for SoDakSHRM18: Paula Gapp, Nicole Nuttbrock & Leah Brink who helped blog, tweet, share to Facebook & Instagram. Thanks to everyone who shared! Top participants will be notified & prizes will be mailed out!

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